Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We love Family Night

Family Night at our church is awesome! Every Wednesday at 6 pm we get together and share our lives. At 6 we eat together, then at 6:30 we watch a video, by 7 we are getting together in small groups. In our small groups we pray, read the Bible, talk about it and share important things about our stuff.

We even get to serve...our youth volunteered to clean up after each meal. So just about every Wednesday night you can find Spencer or Colin and Austin (when he is here) doing dishes in the kitchen (sometimes you might even find them in an apron :). It is one way we wanted to help out and be GREEN by not throwing away all those styrofoam plates and plastic forks...not to mention that it helps save our church a whole lot of money! Our youth rock!!

So if you are in the Youngstown/Boardman area on a Wednesday night come join us for Family'll be filled more than you can imagine.

Family Nights
"There's Something for Everyone"
Wednesdays at 6 PM

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